Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The ground I want to work on is uneven and slopes can I still use a scaffold tower?

A. Yes, uneven /sloping ground is not a problem. With Quickfit adjustable legs you can quickly level your scaffold tower to make it safe on the most uneven/sloping ground.

Q. Can I move my scaffold tower without castors?

A. No. If you need to move your scaffold tower without castors it would have to be dismantled because it is unsafe to drag it along. Castors make moving your scaffold tower to where you need it safe, easy and fast saving you time, plus they are simple to lock off.

Q. What are the advantages of using a Quickfit scaffold tower over a ladder?

A. Ladders are quickly becoming thought of as unsafe to use due to the number of accidents from the bottom of the ladder slipping away causing a nasty fall. Quickfit scaffold towers are designed with safety as a number 1 priority - they give you a sturdy working platform making working at heights not only more comfortable on your feet but safe.

Q. Are your scaffold towers easy to transport and store ?

A. Yes a 4'3"x 4'3" scaffold tower will fit into an estate and some hatch back cars with no problems. As for storing your scaffold tower, it can be stacked away into a small shed, garage or covered with a waterproof sheet and left outside.

Q. How heavy are the frames ?

A. There are two types of scaffold towers the Advanced Apex and the Summit range
The Advanced Apex Scaffold Tower is a heavier frame because it is designed for heavier DIY use, so it has to be made out of bigger tubing to meet this demand, as well as making it light enough to work with. The 4'4" frames are 8kg approx and the 6'4" frames are 12kg approx .
The Summit Scaffold Tower range is designed with lighter DIY work in mind such as painting, fitting windows etc so the frames can be made lighter, the 2'6" frames are 4kgs approx, 4'3" frames are 6kgs approx and 6' frames are 8kgs approx.

Q . What do you get in a basic package?

A. With each basic scaffolding package you get 10 x frames, 2 x brace members, 2 x guard rails and 4 x base plates.

Q .What does effective working height mean?

A. Effective working height is an industry standard 6' above the platform height, so for example an 18' E.W.H will give you a 12' platform height.

Q. How can I work over the top of my conservatory?

A. To gain access to areas blocked by conservatories, carports etc you would need to use two scaffold towers, one on each side of the obstruction with a staging board across. Staging boards come in many sizes from 2.4m to 7.2m. and do not need any intermediate support. ( Dont forget your extra guard rail and toe boards)

Q. Is there any discount for buying large amounts?

A. You would need to get in touch with Quickfit Scaffold Towers' sales team on 01274 595127

Q. Where can I find an assembly guide?

A. Here is our Assembly Guide